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Sounds from northwestern Norway


Is it possible to reflect the scenery and feeling from your small Norwegian hometown, while making a jazz album with elements from American popular music? Norwegian jazz pianist Arne Torvik gives this a try with his debut album Northwestern Sounds.

Norwegian piano player and composer Arne Torvik has for the last six years been living in the small town of Molde, mostly known for it’s international jazz festival and beautiful nature. Since then, Arne has been composing and working on his music, initially putting together a band consisting of some of the finest young Norwegian jazz musicians and finally releasing a record in his own name.

"Growing up and living in Molde gives you a very special combination of living in this beautiful small place, and at the same time being able to hear elite jazz musicians at the Molde Jazz Festival every year. To me that is a very special thing."

The music draws inspiration from a range of different sources, ranging from nordic and american jazz to pop music, but also seeking to find an honest and simple way to express melodic statements and harmonic textures in a jazz/fusion sound. The raw and direct expression of nature in and around Molde is another source of inspiration.

Arne Torvik - piano and keyboards
Kristoffer Eikrem - trumpet
Martin Myhre Olsen - alto saxophone
Espen Jørgensen Bjarnar - guitars
Dan Peter Sundland - bass
Tomas Järmyr - drums

Since 2008 Arne has participated as a pianoplayer in some different projects on the norwegian jazz scene, including the quintet Esp, as well as touring with trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrems own quartet both in Europe and Norway. Esp recorded the album Ambiguous Play in 2013 on Øra Fonogram, and concequently toured with jazz-guru John Pål Inderberg on som norwegian jazzfestivals including Nattjazz (Bergen) and Moldejazz (Molde). In 2013 Arne recieved the Møre and Romsdal Countys Arts Scholarship, witch resulted in establishing his own band and concequently recording and releasing  the album Northwestern Sounds. 

Please contact arne.torvik(at) for more info.